Adventures Afield

An audio account in the life and times of the father of modern bowhunting - Saxton Pope

Adventures Afield is a great listen. It allows you to follow through the life of times of a hunter, surgeon, humanitarian – Saxton Pope.

—Dr. Pete Pirote

When it comes to missing the mark, that is the subject for a sad story. It takes an inveterate optimist to stand the moral strain of persistent missing. In fact, it is this that spoils the archery career of many a tyro–he gives up in despair. It looks so easy, but really is so difficult to hit the mark. But do not be cast down, keep eternally at practice, and ultimately you will be rewarded. Nothing stands a man in such good stead in this matter as to have started shooting in his youth.

—Dr. Saxton Pope

Saxton Pope

The great primitive outer world is still unconquered, and there are impulses within the beast of man not yet measured, curbed and devitalized, which are the essential motives of life. Therefore without, without wantoness, and without cruelty, we shall hunt as long as the arm has strength, the eye glistens, and the heart thobs. Lead On!

—Dr. Saxton Pope